10 Awesome Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today

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If you are reading this you are likely looking form some ways to start making money online.

You have probably tried some of the online money making gimmicks or spent way to many hours searching for ideas to help create an online income.

The reality is that making money online and starting an online business requires knowledge and ideas to make it successful and the patience to grow the business every month.

In this article we will walk through some legitimate online income ideas for you to learn how to replace your full-time job by working online.  

1. Start Digital Marketing Business

Digital Marketing is a kind of promotional strategy which is done through the internet. With the help of digital marketing, many businesses are growing exponentially.

You can run your own digital marketing business and assist companies with their digital marketing online.

In today’s online focued environment, companies are investing more in online marketing, this is because it enables them to reach their customer and promote their company or products to any part of the world.

You will need to contact many companies through email and give them business proposals. Tell them that you know about online marketing and how you are going to help them.

If you contact 20 companies, then there is a higher chance that you will sign a contract with at least 2 – 3 companies. This is a very good figure.

I would advise you to keep finding new companies to grow your online business. You should not always depend on the clients you have in your pocket.

The more clients you have for your online business, the more revenue you will generate. If your business becomes successful, then you may set up an office and hire people to manage extra work.

Digital Marketing is a very big business and starting your own business in this field can help you to generate a good amount of regular income.

If you are interested in doing Online marketing then this can be the best business to start. It’s very interesting work. You will definitely be going to enjoy it.

You need to be very creative when you do online marketing. Every day you will come up with new business ideas that help you to grow.

2. Drop Shipping – Making Money with No Inventory

Drop-Shipping will enable you to sell onlinedirectly from Manufacturer to buyer. This is an online business from home where you are a mediator between Manufacturer and final buyer.

Here you do not need to keep inventory or storage space. A product is shipped directly from supplier to actual buyer.

You just need to create an e-commerce website. That’s it.

There are two popular ways to create an e-commerce site.

a. WooCommerce

WooCommerce makes things very simple. Just buy a hosting and domain nameand install a WooCommerce plugin.

You can buy a hosting from SiteGround to handle a large number of visitors. 

Domain name (Website name) can be bought from Namecheap or directly from Siteground. Namecheap is cheaper than many domain name providers.

b. Shopify

Shopify is also one of the best drop shipping facility provider. It has all available features that every drop shipper requires to run a business.

Here you do not need to buy a web hosting, instead, you are required to buy anyone Shopify plan. Yes, you require a domain name(website name) before you setup Shopify.

Honestly speaking, Shopify is a little expensive, but you won’t find trouble while doing drop shipping business. If your budget is a little high, you must go for Shopify. Anyway’s, you are not investing in inventories.

List of Well-known drop shipping suppliers.

  • Ali Express – Free Sign up
  • Spocket
  • DX.com – Free Sign up
  • Dino Direct – Free Sign up
  • FragranceNet – Free Sign up
  • Wholesale Central – Free Sign up
  • Milano – Free Sign up
  • SaleHoo – Paid
  • Doba – Paid
  • Worldwide Brands – Paid
  • Dropship Direct – Paid

3. Create an App and Make Money Online

Do you have any business ideas that can run on the mobile app?

You can earn in millions when you get successful in the market. Your app can be in any field. The only important thing is your business model.

The question will come to your mind that how you are going to create a successful online business to make money online.

You can learn how create a mobile app and start your career or business in the online industry.

The earning will come from subscription, advertisement, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, etc.

Think of how your app will grab the people’s attention and keep them visit every day. You must know how WhatsApp is attached to the daily life of the people.

I am not advising you to copy any idea because you will find a huge competition there. It’s better if you create your own idea and surprise people with the new invention so that they eagerly install your app.

4. Make Money Blogging

Do you have any idea or knowledge to share something?

If yes, then create your own blog and share your creative ideas. Honestly speaking, bloggers are making millions in blogging.

They usually post content once in a week and they make 24/7 passive incomewith that blog post. If you are doing a job, then writing 500 words would not be a challenge for you.

Most bloggers usually take 1 to 1.5 hours to write 500 words. You may take time at the start, but within one month of continues practice; you will also be able to start writing like professional bloggers.

But make sure that your content is unique, fresh, well researched and creative.

I would recommend you to buy web hosting from SiteGround, because it gives the faster site experience to the user. Visitor will close your blog if your blog doesn’t load in a few seconds.

This is the reason I am suggesting to go with Siteground.

You will also get a free SSL certificate which is very important to run a site/blog. Your audience will start seeing Https:// before your blog name. It means that your blog or website is secured.

If you want domain name at a cheap price, then you should buy from Namecheap.

You can buy both webhosting and domain name from SiteGround as well. It’s up to you.

There are many other web hostings who invest more in the advertisement but less in user experience.

People will read your blog and you will make money from Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and sponsorship.

Don’t worry! I will explain to you what is Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and sponsorship?

i. Google AdSense

Once your blog is ready with the good number of content as well as traffic, you can apply for Google AdSense.

After the AdSense approval, you will be allowed to place an advertisement on your blog. “Do not place end numbers of ads on your blog or website, otherwise your user will get irritate and leave your blog.”

Google AdSense will pay you as per the clicks on their ads and certain amount of money on every 1000 visitors.

Most Important: If you want to get approval fast, then you must need an SSL certificate which is free when you buy hosting from SiteGround.

ii.  Affiliate Marketing

You can mention the affiliate link on your blog to sell a product or services. This is one of the best online business ideas for beginners that make money from affiliate marketing. You just need to review a product or service and advise your reader to buy from your affiliate link.

Once the user clicks on an affiliate link, they jump directly to the company website that enables the user to buy the product.

You will receive a commission on each sale made through an affiliate link. Majority of bloggers are earning money online from affiliate marketing and it’s a popular and main source of income for them.

There are many affiliate companies who provide affiliate banner to attract visitors. Using affiliate is also a good idea, but make sure keep a limitation on placing the advertisement.

Affiliate link placement also plays an important part to run your online business successfully. You should not place any ads anywhere. Every ad placement should have a reason.

For example; when you review any product, do not show the advertisement at the start unless you won’t have a valid reason. First, convince the reader with the help of your content and when you feel that till this line my user will be convinced, place an affiliate link there itself.

Placing an affiliate link anywhere for no reason will not make an affiliate sale.

I would also advise you to first start with affiliate marketing and when you found that your blog is rich with visitors and content, you can apply for Google Adsense.

There are affiliate networks that can get you the links more than 1000 companies. Below I have mentioned the popular affiliate networks that can help you with the affiliate links.



Commission Junction



Amazon affiliate also helps with the affiliate link, if you want to promote any product.

iii. Sponsorship

You can make money from sponsorship and this can be successful when you have a good number of growing visitors.

You can approach a company who is related to your niche and get a contract with them.

Companies may directly approach you to place ads for them.

You will make money on the basis of traffic on your blog page and how much popular your blog is.

5. Become a Freelancer and Make Money

Freelancers mainly manage their online business from home. If you are good at writing, proofreading, resume making, web developing, online marketer, Graphic Designing, Web designing or any other professional knowledge or experience you have, then you can earn more than 9-5 full-time job.

It’s not compulsory that you must have technical knowledge. Anyone can make money as a freelancer.

You can sign up with Bonsai to get clients for your business. It’s a platform which is highly known for freelancers.

You will find a lot of active clients who are seriously looking for good freelancers and ready to pay a good amount of money.

Bonsai has the custom order option where you can offer a service to your client for an agreed amount.

Check how others have made their profile, what are the key points they have mentioned to impress clients. Get the idea and create your profile better than them.

In freelancing business, the better you present yourself, the more clients you will grab and this is how it works.

One secret idea I want to share with you: When you get business from any client, complete the work before time and give them something extra as a compliment. Up to 70 percent of the client will return back with more work for you.

Always give respect to your client and speak with them politely. Try to make a strong psychological connection with them. I am 100% sure that this technique will work out for you.

6. Domain Flipping

Start your own business by just doing domain flipping. In this business, you will buy a domain name and sell it on a premium price.

Why do people will buy a domain name from you?

They will buy when they find the domain name will help them to grow. Here you need to be very creative. You need to create a domain name that many people will be ready to buy it for a higher amount.

The domain name should be attractive and give a very strong message by the name itself.

You can buy a domain from Namecheap at a very cheap price starting from $1 and list your domain in the auction to sell it.

If anybody likes your domain name, then they can buy it for whatever price you offer. Give them the offer that worth buying.

If you create a very special domain name, then you can charge more than $6000. This can be the best side Income business option for you if you are doing a regular job.

There are many people who create an attractive domain name, sell it online and make easy money.

I would advise you to take it as a side business. Full time is not advisable. But no doubt, it’s a very good business opportunity.

7. Bring Your Professional Skills to Online

You have professional skills that make others work easier. Bring it online and share it with the people on a social media platform or create your own website/blog and explain how you are going to help them.

Show the people that you are the one who is the right person to help on Bonsai. You need to advertise your business to make money online.

Don’t show the people what you can do; rather explain how you can help. This is very important for you to get the clients for your business.

Take advantage of Bonsai, where you will get many people who want to outsource their work. Help them in exchange for money. You have so many options to make money online. So, decide how you are going to earn money online

Bonsai is well-known for freelancing work. They connect freelancers with clients and help both of them to find the right person to work with.

If you are doing a job, at least start as a side business and when you find that your side earning is growing every month and it’s higher than your current job, turn your side business into a full time successful online business.

Take advantage of your skills and experience. You may be wondering how to start an online business? How you will generate online business ideas?

Don’t think of failure, think how you going to make it successful. Take a step right now for your online business and promise yourself that you will never turn back no matter what happens.

8. Make Money From Online Tutoring

If you are good at something, then make tutorial videos and sell it online.

Sign up with Teachable & upload your video and set the price that you want to sell. Make sure that you divide your course into different parts.

People will get bored when they find a lengthy video. The length should be a maximum of 25 minutes.

Be confident! And make it very professional. This will create an interest in the learner. They may buy your other courses if they get what they are expecting from you.

Sign up with Teachable start your own online business ideas from home by Offering a complete set of the tutorial with exciting offers to your customers.

There are many people who do not have time to join classes. They prefer to take an online tutorial so that they can learn when they get spare time.

Majority of people does day shift and this makes them not to join day courses. Hence, they prefer to learn online.

You can create a website or a blog and sell your videos for good money. Once your website is ready, you can promote it on various social networking websites. You can also join affiliate networks like click bank and do online business with them.

9. Make Money From YouTube

There are two types of audiences. The one who loves reading on the internet and the other one who prefer to watch videos.

You can create a video on YouTube on any topic, but it should be interesting. YouTube will push your video up when they find your video is gaining popularity.

There is no limit on how much YouTube you need to create. I have seen a single video in the channel that got millions of views within a week and they deserve it because the content of the video was very creative and interesting.

Let’s get back to the business.

You can make money from YouTube through Affiliate Marketing, Promotion of Brands, Get YouTube traffic to your Blog, Join YouTube partner program and many more.

There are many ways to make money online and this can be your side business or full-time business if your channel is generating a good amount of revenue.

Once you get popular, many companies will approach you to advertise their business or their product on your channel or on a particular YouTube video.

You can charge as per the number of subscribers and views. The more view you get on your videos, the more you can charge to promote the brand.

10. Become a Seller on Amazon

If you want to sell the product online, then Amazon will be the best option for you to start an online business.

You just need to sign up as a seller and start your own online business ideas from home.

You can work from home and manage your business on desktop, tablet or cell phone.

Amazon has its base almost all over the world. You will find the popularity and trust on Amazon which is the best part.

To be honestly speaking, as per my research, it is a little difficult to work as a part-time. This is because you may get huge orders and you have to dispatch it within the agreed time.

Yes, you can handle the business alone but it requires active participation. Amazon is a very big e-commerce business, and it is also known for its commitment to deliver the product on time.

Challenges in Online Business

Hard work: We know online business is very cheap to start, but in return, you need to compensate by your dedication and hard work.

Lack of Knowledge: Lack of knowledge may put you into trouble or waste your time in correcting yourself repeatedly. So, learn as much as you can. 

You are alone: You are most likely to be working alone. You may not get help from your family and friends, as I told you it requires hard work. 

Lack of patience: Earning from online business takes time. You need to keep your patience alive. At some moment, you may get demotivated, but this is what the need to break. 

Useful Tips For Online Business

The online business ideas can come anytime when you really work on it. Do not think that you will do one day. Start from today itself.

One fact is, online business from home is growing day by day and this is because of internet users all over the world. With the help of the internet, you can reach billions of people around the world.

You just need a strategy and ideas to do online business. I will explain to you how it works, what you should do and what should not.

You will come up with many useful business ideas that will help you to grow day by day. Do not give up on your dream. When you take a decision, respect it.

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