4 Steps to Charging Bird Scooters and Making Money

October 4, 2019 0 Comments

In case you are our avid reader and follower, we do hope so that you are, you might have already read our recent blog post on the popularity of scooters. Now we want to talk about how to charge Bird (and Lime) scooters part-time to earn some easy money. 

Follow these 4 simple steps to make money charging Bird scooters

Image: TechCrunch.

Step 1 | Sign up & Download the Bird app!

To get started with Bird, you must first register. You’re eligible if you’re at least 18, have the rights to work in the country, and have an auto-entrepreneur status. The best part is that you don’t have to speak the local language, only need to show a grain of effort, and be able to work with a flexible schedule.

Take a look at SpreeWork and find the Bird job offer. Then simply click the Apply Now button and submit some basic info about yourself. Don’t forget to give your bank account details. After that, download the app and complete your account. Then wait until the Bird team confirms your profile.

The sign-up process is pretty similar when it comes to Lime, only with fewer requirements.

Step 2 | Locate & Find the Scooters in your City!

After you have been approved and are set up to be a charger you can then simply turn on the app and capture some birds. Using the app, you can spot the scooters with a low battery level throughout your city. You can pick up as many birds (and Lime scooters) as you wish depending on the number of chargers that you have. (With Lime, you must make an appointment with the team to be able to pick up the chargers.)

To do that, you can walk, ride your bike or drive your car. It’s your choice. The app will show you the amount of money you’ll get for them. (Supposedly it can be hard to find the most profitable ones to charge.) You can also turn on the alarm function in your app and speed up the process of finding low battery scooters to be charged. Some say it can take up to 1 hour to collect 6 birds.

When you find a Bird to be charged, scan the code on the top of the bird it will show up on the list of ‘my birds’ and you are good to go!

Now it’s time to go make money!

Step 3 | Take them to your home & charge them!

Now that you have picked up a few Birds to charge, take those Bird’s home or to wherever your charging location is. Plug them in and let them charge up. Depending on the initial battery level, it takes 2-5 hours to fully charge them.

When the indicator light on the power supply turns red, it means the scooter is being charged. When it turns green, it means the scooter is charged.

Step 4 | When they’re fully charged, release them!

Releasing birds is not as sentimental as letting a real bird fly away. You might be emotional, though, because of the extra money you’ve just earned. So, in the morning, you have to take the fully charged birds (and Lime scooters) back to the city.

You have to find a nest and place them there in a way that they don’t bother anyone. You can even see a photo to make sure they are positioned properly. Check if everything works on the scooter, take a picture of them, and release them.

You’ll get your earnings every morning after you’re done with your job.

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