4 Tips for Female Rideshare Drivers

October 4, 2019 0 Comments

Searching online about the rideshare industry you will frequently come across content and comments from rideshare drivers from all over the world about their experience driving for the different rideshare services out there.  Quite a few of the comments and videos are made by women who have just started or stopped offering their driving services on the various rideshare apps.

Most of the comments have one thing in common. They can all hear a sentence that is repeated on a daily basis: “You are my first female driver ever.”

One of the reasons why the number of female drivers is significantly lower than the number of male drivers in the rideshare business is the thought that female drivers could be at more at risk than male drivers. As a woman, you might be exposed to certain unpleasant situations while driving – especially during the weekends or late at night. It’s not unheard of for passengers to try and flirt with the drivers. But that shouldn’t be a reason not to sign up and start working with a driver app!

The good thing when driving with an app, though, is that all the payment occurs online and no cash is involved. Cash makes drivers preferable targets for robbers. So there you go! One thing less to worry about!

Are you considering becoming a rideshare driver but having second thoughts because you’re a woman? If that is the case, here are some tips on how to stay safe on the road!

1. Safety Always Comes First!

There are times when you simply can’t avoid an unpleasant situation, however, you have the ability to take control of them and make them bearable. After some research and conducting interviews on the topic it seems that nearly all, female rideshare drivers, had some concerns before their first ride, but they were also excited to try it out.

If you are having extra anxiety about your first ride it may make some sense to ask a friend or your partner to travel with you during the first couple of rides. It happens quite often so you shouldn’t need to feel the urge to explain yourself to your passengers.

Another thing you can do if you are feeling fairly uncomfortable and anxious about having male passengers is to simply accept only female passengers. Remember, it’s your car, your rules!

2. Stay Out of Dangerous Areas

Time is an essential factor in the case of both your phone and your driving hours. A day shift is probably safer than a night shift, but this is not an absolute truth. However, you typically won’t need to deal with intoxicated people during the day. Most likely, you will be driving professionals going home from work or trying to make it to their dinner reservations.

Also, check the destination – you might be trying to stay in the city center, but someone is requesting a ride that is way out of your comfort zone, in a part of the city that you may not know very well or consider it a bit dangerous. Remember that you can always deny the trip request.

3. Don’t Hesitate to Cancel a Trip

Always check the passenger’s rating before you pick them up. If there are any red flags – deny the request. Don’t worry; there will still be another ride available. Your safety and comfort are the most important after all!

You can even cancel your trip after you have accepted the ride. Also if everything seemed fine, but when you go to the location, you see more than one person, for example holding a beer bottle – you can refuse to drive them if you feel uncomfortable. Of course, you don’t want to do that too often – don’t forget passengers can rate you as a driver as well.

4. Make Sure Someone Knows Where You Are at All Times

Thanks to technology today and apps such as Apple “Find My”, it’s really easy to share your location with a trusted person. You can use Facebook or Google Maps or text your friend or roommate before you start the trip and let them know where you’re headed.

If you drive alone and don’t discriminate among passengers, but have some trouble, dial the emergency number! Always have your phone close by, but remember not to text and drive! No matter how uncomfortable or scary the situation might be, make sure you stay safe and keep your eyes on the road.

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