9 Ways to Make More Money Charging Scooters

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Electric scooters are all the rage and they are spreading, and who knows when it will stop. Every month new cities are being added to the increasing growing map showing where the scooters will soon appear on the streets. Gig workers who make money charging scooters, known as juicers, check their app at different times during the day collect and recharge the scooters with low batteries. For some of them, it’s something else than just an easy app-based job, one can do without any kind of work experience. As they explain in an article, for some, it’s simply a social activity during which they hang out with their friends and have lots of fun, and earning enough money to pay for a weekend out on the town.

However, some scooter chargers take their job seriously and make decent money with it.

How to make more money charging scooters?

1. The best time to pick up scooters?

Well, the short answer is anytime, but you can capture the most scooters right after 9 p.m. Get prepared though because you may find yourself in a competition if you live in a city where many people try to make some money charging scooters. Since you can release Bird scooters between 4 a.m. and 5 p.m., a few scooters will be on the streets in the morning as well, those that weren’t shown on the map the previous day. With Lime, you should not collect scooters after 2-3 a.m. because it takes around 5-7 hours to charge them, and your earnings will be cut in half if you take them to the Lime Hubs after the official release time that is 7 a.m.

2. Useful tools

Think about safety, so carry a safety vest, work gloves, flashlight, etc. In the beginning, you’ll receive three chargers, but you can buy more later on. If you don’t want to wait until you reach a level and get approved by the company to purchase more chargers, find them on Amazon. If you hunt for scooters without a car, you may need some tools to transport the scooters picked up more easily.

3. Location and method matter

It’s an advantage if you live near the central parts of the city where most of the scooters are left. Of course, with the right tools and methods, your home address won’t be an issue. Create a strategy that allows you to collect a larger number of e-scooters within a short period of time. Efficiency pays more.

4. Collecting more scooters

Simply put,  collect more scooters. In some cases, scooters chargers harvest around 30-50 scooters at once.

5. Finding scooters faster

Each app has a built-in map, and those can navigate you to the scooters across town. In addition to those, you can also downloadScooter Map and/or Google Maps.

• Scooter Map: it will show you the location of all scooters, regardless of companies.

• Google Maps: it will provide you with information on the location if you’re unfamiliar with the area. With the satellite view, you’ll see whether the location is approachable or not. Sometimes scooters are parked on private property. With the street view, you can decide in advance where to park if you drive your car, or learn about the obstacles that might stop you from retrieving birds and limes.

6. Teaming up with a friend

Ask a friend to join you in making more money charging scooters. Split the work, and the money as well. You can probably manage more scooters together, therefore earning more as well. While you’re driving, he/she will be your co-pilot and give you directions on where to go.

7. Scooters should be fully charged

You’ll get your money if the scooters are fully charged, or the screen shows 95% at least. Most of the vehicles pop up on the map when the battery level sinks below 30%. You need 3-4 hours to fully charge a Bird scooter, and Lime vehicles reach 100% within 5-7 hours.

8. Driving and charging

If you have been driving with Uber or Lyft for a while and want to give a small boost to your income. In some cities, you can locate Lime scooters while being logged in Uber’s driver app. So, why not get out of your car after a ride and capture the Lime scooters lying on the ground, leaning against a wall, a fence or a tree’s trunk? As an Uber driver-partner, you’ll probably do short rides in different parts of the city, meaning you can cover a huge area.

9. Charging with both Lime and Bird

The last hack to make more money charging scooters is to sign up for more than one platform. If both Lime and Bird operate in your city, join the fleet of both.

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