Gig Worker Insurance – The Things you Need to Know.

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The gig economy is beginning to turn the insurance industry upside down. This new way of working has caused independent or gig workers to fall into a gray area of insurance that is just getting started.

For example…

What happens if you are delivering food and you get in an accident? What if you cause damage to a place while cleaning it? What if a pet you are looking after gets injured or lost? All these are possible concerns on your part but in reality you don’t need to stress about it all too much. You simply need to be informed. There are plenty of solutions out there and we will walk you though a few of them.

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Insurance for Rideshare Drivers and Delivery Workers

drive insurance

Some driving platforms, such as Lyft, offer insurance for their drivers however, they also require that you also maintain a personal insurance policy as well. The reason for that is because when you are not working for one of the companies, you are covered only by your personal insurance and by their coverage when you have the app on, are waiting to be hailed, and when you actually have a passenger on board. Make sure you understand all the details about what each company offers insurance-wise to avoid any surprises.

It is a similar case with the delivery platform DoorDash. It provides you access to auto insurance which is active only when you are delivering and which only applies to damages you cause to third parties.

Insurance for Housekeeping and Cleaning Workers

If you have jobs that require that you clean and take care of other people’s places accidents happen and you may damage something no matter how cautious and responsible you are. Typically, platforms such as or Housekeeper don’t offer insurance and advise independent cleaners and housekeepers to make sure they are covered by their own general liability insurance provider.

Choose your interest & start working TODAY as a part-time as a driver, deliverer, cleaner, babysitter, pet sitter, host, cook, freelancer and much more!

Pet Sitter Insurance

How about when you have adorable pets under your supervision? It might give you pure joy, but it also might stress you out a bit because what if something happens to the pet under your watch, or what if the pet causes some kind of damage? The good new is platforms like and Rover have thought about this and offer insurance packages that cover you, so don’t worry! prompts you to contact their insurance provider to learn all the details about their pet care insurance program policy, however, in general, it covers general liability and the well being of the animal while in your care. Rover offers the Rover Guarantee, which covers every stay and every walk booked via the app – eventual injuries to the pet, injuries to your pet caused by a hosted pet, physical damage to a pet owner’s personal property and offers liability for injury to certain third parties. There are exceptions, of course, so make sure you get informed about every detail.

You should also know that you can get pet care insurance from an independent insurance company. If you ever doubt that you will need insurance while pet sitting remember that it will make you look more professional and responsible to your clients, possibly bringing you even more money, thus totally worth the investment!

In conclusion…

The gig economy may sometimes feel like you are walking in unmarked territory, unable to take sure steps, with all kinds of questions rising, like the very important matter of insurance policies. However with SpreeWork on your side you will have all the latest news and updates on insurance policies and other important topics for gig workers!

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