How To Become An Airbnb Host

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We always search for a good room when we go out for a holiday or a work-related trip and pay for a stay. 

You may have seen people just become an Airbnb host and start renting their room for the money.

People now prefer to stay in a house room rather than booking a hotel room. This creates an opportunity for the one who wants to make money through Airbnb hosting.

The reason why Airbnb is getting popular is that they are giving many options to the visitors to choose the room as per their budget and amenities they want.

Ways to Become Airbnb Host:

  • Host your room
  • Host landlord’s property.
  • Become a co-host for other’s Airbnb hosting rooms.

I will get you through the entire step-by-step process of becoming an Airbnb host, how to grow your rental business, do’s & don’t with Airbnb host.

Can You Become an Airbnb Host?

Yes, you can. Having an extra room can give you an extra income source when you become an Airbnb host. Make sure that you provide basic amenities like a bed and bathroom. If you are not the owner of the room, then you must make the landlord aware you are applying for Airbnb host.

Airbnb is a very simple platform that allow people to list their room and have regular earning. You can easily list your room on Airbnb and start receiving bookings as per your room availability.

If you do a job or you are a businessman, then you can appoint a part-time manager or give responsibility to anyone of your family members who can manage your renting business.

How to Sign Up For Airbnb Host? 

Airbnb has kept a sign-up process for free. There are some sort of basic questions that Airbnb will ask you during the sign-up process to understand better about the room that you are applying for hosting.

Listing a Room: You will be required to mention whether you are listing a house, apartment or a hotel room and what are the facilities/amenities that you are going to provide like soap, water, WiFi, T.V, Shampoo, parking, laundry etc.

Here you need to be honest about what amenities you are going to provide to your guests. 

Upload Pictures: Let’s talk about what pictures to upload. You will need to be a little professional when it comes to room pictures. Taking a simple picture from your cell phone may not work. 

If your cell phone camera takes good quality pictures still you need to learn how to take pictures of your room for rent.

You can Google it on the internet, do some research on how to take room pictures. See some pictures and get ideas. Or else, hire a professional photographer. Airbnb can help you with the photographer available in your area. 

Summary/Description: You will be asked to provide a small description of your room. Make it small and clear. Don’t give false promises as it is not allowed with Airbnb Host

Set Up Calendar: Before setting up the calendar make sure that the room is available with the facilities that you have agreed to provide. 

If you want to rent a room for certain days or hours, then you can mention it in the calendar. Airbnb hosts will show your room whose matches your room availability.

Set Price: This is a little tricky. You should keep in your mind that room renting business has competition. So, do some research on the internet and check what others are charging for the same type of room.

The price will not be the same every month because of season, events, etc.

You can keep the price default and let Airbnb host to set the price on your behalf. 

If you have time, then it’s better if you set the competitive price by yourself to increase the number of the booking.

Payment Method: You will receive payment directly from Airbnb. They allow you to get paid via direct deposit or Paypal. There are some other types of payment methods that Airbnb hosts will inform you during the signup process.

Earning From Airbnb Host

Earning from Airbnb hosting is dependent upon many factors like location, room size, bed size, hotel or apartment, season, events, etc.

Honestly speaking, I cannot commit anything due to many factors that influence the room booking price, but I am sure to say that Airbnb is a very good platform for renting rooms.

This is because nowadays people are using Airbnb as they are finding it more comfortable especially with the price they are looking for.

When you become an Airbnb host, they will charge you 3% per booking which is the lowest fees in the industry. But Sign up process is completely free.

How to Communicate With Guests? 

It’s always fun to have communication with your guests. I usually have a good talk with the room owner to make them comfortable. 

The thing that I always like is a welcoming face with a smile and a short talk about amenities.

I do give a tip if I impressed with the services. 

I usually go with my friends for an outing and there are times when we did not like the room, but communication with the room manager makes us feel good that creates an impression on us to book the same room if we visit again. 

What Precautions You Must Take?

Taking precautions is a must when you do business in any field. There are certain precautions that you must take when you rent your house. 

You should not keep your expensive items like jewelry, cell phone, watch, etc. This is something very common precautions we take in our day to day life. 

Check the identity of your guests before they check-in and be cautious if you see the infamous person. There are many hosts who did not find any problem and they are still happily running a renting business becoming an Airbnb host.

Let them know that you(Owner) are active and if any wrong things happen, you will be aware in no time. 

Do You Need to Prepare a Food For Guests?

No, it’s not compulsory to provide food facilities for your guests. Do not mention in the amenities of the food facility if you don’t have. 

Providing a food facility can get you some extra income from Airbnb hosting. This will also add value to your listing on Airbnb.

The other idea is, you can get food for your guests from the nearest restaurant and have a cut on the bill. Contact restaurants and have a commission-based contract. 

Most of the restaurants provide their menu card to keep in the host room. They also provide free home door delivery but try to make a connection with the closest restaurant to your room. Maybe next to your house door or a few seconds walkable distance. 

Make sure that the restaurant’s food price is normal otherwise it will create a bad impression on Guests. Mostly, people do not like to pay extra money on food. See the basic requirement for hosting Airbnb.

Give Your Host a Freebie 

A good memory always remembered, especially if you go out for a holiday. Some goodies for your guests can make them feel special and this can help you to get good reviews on Airbnb. This will also help you to earn more money with Airbnb.

You can give them a welcome juice or coffee/tea or snacks or chocolates for free. Though it’s not compulsory, but if you see from the business point of view, a happy customer may help you to bring more business.


  • Don’t cancel the booking from yourself and give the room for cash to save 3% Airbnb charges and government taxes.
  • Upload true pictures.
  • Do not make false promises.
  • Don’t be rude to guests.
  • Give a clear address, pick guests to call if they find difficulty in reaching the booked house. Guests may give you a bad review if you give them the worst experience and eventually it will affect your business.

How Your Property Is Protected By Airbnb?Airbnb cares about your property and keeping this in mind, they have implemented a property damage protection policy that covers up to $1,000,000 USD for free for every booking.

Airbnb also provides host protection insurance that covers liability claims up to $1,000,000 USD. This cover is for unexpected things happen like an injury to a guest. Read more about legal and regulatory issues that need to be consider.

Challenges With Airbnb Host

You may find various challenges when you become an Airbnb host, though many people do not find it, still, I want to make sure that you are aware and be prepared.

  • You may find guests that may be in a bad mood. They may not speak properly when you welcome. This is something that happens very rarely. 
  • Your neighbor may not be happy with your hosting due to many reasons such as disturbance, seeing new faces that may make them feel cautious.
  • Your landlord may not allow you to host with Airbnb as the landlord may not want strangers to stay in his/her house. 
  • You may be called by the guest for many times when they find problems like WiFi not working, Heater issues, water problem, electricity, etc.
  • Guests may through rubbish on the floor that makes your floor dirty. 
  • Guests may get drunk and do abnormal activities

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