How to Contact Lyft Customer Service?

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Most of the Lyft rides that you take will go by without a problem. But every now and then, something could go wrong and you may need Lyft customer service to step in and fix the issue. You may have left something behind in the car, you may think that you overpaid for your ride, or maybe there was an unexpected fee or charge that you’d like to dispute.

How customers can contact Lyft: You can call Lyft customer service at 844-313-3667. You can also contact Lyft at, or in the Ride History section of the Lyft app.

How Lyft drivers can contact Lyft: Drivers can call Lyft driver support at 844-313-3667. You can report issues with trips inside the app, and send messages to Lyft at

The most reliable way to get customer service from Lyft is at Every page at contains a pink “Contact Support” button that allows you to send a message to Lyft, and the turnaround time to hear back is around one day.

Call the Lyft customer service phone line at 844-313-3667

Lyft offers a customer service phone line that you can reach at 844-313-3667. Lyft phone support can handle any customer service issue, but don’t expect instant results. For many issues, you’ll begin the service request over the phone and Lyft will follow up via email.

If the issue is less urgent but you would still like to speak on the phone, some help articles at and in the app contain a “Call Me” button that allow you to enter your callback number. After you enter your phone number, a Lyft customer service agent will typically call you back on the same day.

What you can expect from the Lyft customer service phone lines: Don’t expect an immediate solution. You will let Lyft know what your issue is, but they will typically have to review the situation and get back to you with a decision or update. Using other help features at or in the Lyft app will have a similar result as making a phone call.

How to contact Lyft customer service at

Lyft’s primary customer support system is at Lyft has an extensive library of support articles that will answer most general questions, and if you need to contact customer service directly, you’ll find a Contact Support button at the bottom of every help article.

After you click “Contact Support,” a form will appear that asks you to enter your information and select your issue from a dropdown list. Find the issue category that best matches your issue, then describe your problem as briefly as possible.

What to do if you can’t find a dropdown menu that matches your issue: Try to find the best matching issue, or find an issue that contains a text box. Write in your problem even if it doesn’t 100% match the support issue you selected. Make sure that you include all relevant details while keeping your message as brief as you can.

Some common reasons why you’d want to contact Lyft customer service are: Unexpected charges on your ride, coupon or discount issues, incorrect pickup or dropoff location, your driver took an inefficient route, or you received a cancellation or no-show fee.

What happens after you send a message via Lyft will reply via email. You can reply to the email, and future replies from Lyft will come via email. Make sure to keep all information about one issue in one support thread. If you have a follow up comment to send, don’t start a new support ticket at

Typically a new support agent will respond to each one of your new replies, so misunderstandings happen. A new support agent might fail to read and understand the entire situation, so get used to briefly restating the problem.

Get help inside the Lyft app: Use ‘Ride History’ or ‘Help’ to contact Lyft customer service

The Lyft passenger app has a few limited ways to contact customer service. The “Help” section of the app links to, but the Ride History section allows you to request a fare adjustment from inside the app. After you send your initial request inside the app, responses from Lyft will come via email.

How to get a refund on a Lyft ride

To get a refund for your Lyft ride, or if you want Lyft to review and lower the price you paid:

  1. Tap the Menu icon (☰) on the home screen
  2. Tap Ride History
  3. Find the ride and tap it
  4. Scroll to the bottom and tap “Get Help”
  5. Select the issue that applies to your ride. Some contain a “Dispute fare or charge” button

After you reach the ‘Get Help’ section of your ride receipt, you’ll see a list of common ride issues. Some of those options lead to a page that contains a button that says “Dispute fare or charge.” You may be asked to give a reason why the price was unfair or incorrect. Submit the form, and wait for a reply from Lyft.

Getting a full refund from Lyft is unusual unless something particularly bad happened during your ride. Instead, Lyft might offer a discount or ride credit if your driver took an inefficient route, or if you didn’t get a promotion that you expected to. You’ll only get a full refund if something went very wrong with the ride, like a major confrontation with your driver or an accident.

How to recover a lost item from a Lyft

If you lost an item during your Lyft ride, there are a few ways to get your stuff back.

If it’s been less than 72 hours since you lost your item: Go to the Ride History section of the app, tap the ride where you lost the item, and look for a “contact driver” button. That will put you in touch with your driver. From there, it’s up to you and the driver to coordinate a time and a place to meet.

If more than 72 hours have gone by since you lost your item:  Go to the Ride History section of the app, find the ride, scroll down and select “I lost an item.” Input your info and describe the item. Lyft will send a message to the driver asking if they have your item, and from there it’s up to the driver to contact you to work out a time and a place to meet.

If you lost your phone: You can also fill out a lost item form at Scroll down and click the “Contact Support,” then select “I lost an item” from the drop down. Input your info and describe the item. Lyft will send a message to the driver asking if they have your item, and from there it’s up to the driver to contact you to work out a time and a place to meet.

Lyft drivers and Lyft are not responsible for lost items. If your driver looks for your item, finds it, and comes up with a way to return it to you, they’re going above and beyond what they’re required to do. If you get your item back, tip them in cash.

The best ways to get real help from Lyft customer service

Lyft customer service agents are overburdened with work, so sometimes the support you get from Lyft isn’t always the best. Frequently you’ll get a copied/pasted response from a FAQ instead of a real response to your issue. To get the best support, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Find the best matching issue in the dropdown menus. You’ll get a faster response that way
  • Give all the relevant details that Lyft asks for. Don’t leave anything out
  • Don’t include irrelevant details or send long-winded stories. If you keep your message brief, the agent is more likely to understand the issue
  • One question at a time. If you send more than one question, the support agent will typically respond to one and ignore the others
  • When you reply to Lyft, be brief and polite. Understand that a new person may read and reply to your support thread each time you send in a new message
  • Be patient. Expect a first response within 24 hours

Contacting Lyft customer service may not be as easy as calling a phone number, but if you use the “Call Me” feature or send a message at, your issue will eventually be addressed.

How Lyft Drivers Can Contact Lyft Driver Support

There are several methods that Lyft drivers can use to get help & support from Lyft. Unlike Uber, Lyft offers drivers an easy way to directly contact Lyft driver support.

The main three ways Lyft drivers can contact Lyft are:

  • Inside the Lyft driver app in the Help section
  • Call Lyft driver support at 844-313-3667
  • At
  • At an in-person Lyft Hub

Help features available to drivers inside the Lyft driver app

Drivers can get help inside the Lyft driver app by visiting the Help section of the app, the Earnings tab, or by tapping a drop down menu that appears during a ride.

Get support in the Help area of the driver app: The Help section of the Lyft driver app contains help articles that answer common questions, and buttons to contact Lyft.

Get help in the Earnings tab: If you have an issue with an individual ride or ride payment, tap the Earnings button at the bottom center of the home screen. Select the ride you had a problem with, then scroll to Help. Find your issue from the list, or scroll to the “Contact us” button.

Get help during a ride: During a ride, a dropdown menu button will appear in the upper corner of the screen  and it will contain a “Contact support” button. This help feature is reserved for issues that occur during a ride, like a tech problem or a safety problem.

Customer service phone number for Lyft drivers: 844-313-3667

Lyft drivers can now directly call Lyft at 844-313-3667. Calling Lyft driver support may be a faster way to get help from Lyft, but most of the time your issue won’t be handled immediately. Instead, you’ll let Lyft know what your issue is and they will follow up via email after they investigate the issue.

You can also request to be contacted by phone in the Help section of the app. To request a phone call from Lyft, tap the menu icon, then Help. Select a topic that closely matches your issue. Some help pages (but not all) will contain a “Contact Us” button. Tap the Contact Us button to reach a page that says, “How should we reach you?” Select “Call” to receive a call from Lyft, or select email if you prefer email.

Ask for a phone call during a ride: You can also request a call from Lyft from the dropdown menu that appears during a ride. You should only request a call from Lyft during a ride if an urgent tech or safety issue is occurring.

How drivers can get help at

Most of the help features available inside the Lyft driver app are also available at At you can search for help articles that address general issues, or you can contact Lyft driver support by scrolling to the “Contact Support” button at the bottom of each page. From there, select the topic that closely matches your own issue. If you can’t find one that exactly matches your issue, try to find one that contains a blank text box that will allow you to explain your situation.

Drivers can get in-person help at Lyft Hubs and Service Desks

If you’re a Lyft driver living in a large US city, there may be an office where you can get in-person help from a Lyft employee. The in-person service centers for drivers are called Lyft Hubs and Service Desks. At a Hub or Service Desk, you can get more attentive service and hopefully have your problem sorted out in one visit.

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