How to Contact Postmates Customer Service

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At it’s best, a Postmates delivery works like magic: Enter your order in the app, and not too long later a Postmates delivery courier shows up to hand it over. No friction, no problems.

The magic wears off if things go wrong. When things doesn’t work, who do you contact? Is there a number to call? Can you Postmates delivery courier help you? Postmates doesn’t always make it clear.

In this article, I go over all the different ways to reach out to Postmates when you need help, and when it’s best to use each option.

Can you call Postmates customer service?

There is not currently a direct customer service phone number for Postmates. You can’t call Postmates! Instead, Postmates offers customer support through several in-app and online help features.

You can call or text message your Postmates delivery courier after your order has been picked up. When you call a delivery courier, your call is routed through an anonymizes that hides your phone number from the courier, and their phone number from you. After the order is complete, you will no longer be able to call your courier.

How to call your Postmates delivery courier (after your order has been picked up)

Contacting your courier is helpful when you need to give instructions that will help them complete the delivery. It’s important to note that your courier can’t change your order, can’t alter your delivery address, and won’t go back to the restaurant if they’re already on the way to the delivery address.

How to contact Postmates about an order 

If you have an issue with an ongoing or past order, you can get help from Postmates in the app or online at

How to contact Postmates using the app

To get help with a specific order in the Postmates app, follow these steps:

  1. Tap profile icon
  2. Tap the order in question
  3. Tap Help

Once you reach the Help page for the order in question, select from best-matching issues. Postmates offers a list of things to report: If your order was missing item, if the delivery was delayed, if you never received the order at all, and other options. If you can’t find a good option to pick, send a message to Postmates.

How to contact Postmates via

The help features inside the Postmates app can also be found at To get help on with a specific order, follow these steps:

  1. Visit and log into your account
  2. Find the order and click on it
  3. Find the Help button on the bottom-left corner of the screen

Select the appropriate issue on the Help page. If you can’t find an option that matches your issue, read the section below to learn how to send a message Postmates.

How to send a message to Postmates when you can’t find a help article that matches your issue

If you can’t find a help article that directly addresses your issue, there are contact forms at that allow you to send a message to Postmates.

To send a message to Postmates, first head to On that page, the sections titled  “Account” “Order” “Charges” and “Report a Safety Issue” all have an option labeled “Other” that leads to a contact form. Use that contact form to send Postmates a message.

You will receive an email when Postmates replies to your message.

How to request a refund on a Postmates order — Is it possible?

While there is no direct way to request a refund on a Postmates order it is possible to get a refund or Postmates credits for future orders if something went seriously wrong with an order, or if there were duplicate chargers or overcharges.

If there was an issue with your order, do your best to select the best matching issue, (i.e. delivery never arrived), or use the contact forms at to describe the problem.

In some cases, Postmates offers credits toward future Postmates orders. In more extreme cases, Postmates may offer a refund on the entire order.

Try searching for general info

Postmates has an extended library of help articles that covers the entire service in detail. Start at if you have a general question, or if you’re curious about features of the service. You’ll likely find that an article gives you the answers you need.

You can also contact Postmates with general questions using the contact forms found at

Send a Tweet to @Postmates_Help

You can reach out directly to Postmates customer support by sending a tweet to @Postmates_Help. It’s a highly active account and customer service reps are constantly replying to customers throughout the day.

When you contact Postmates on Twitter, they’ll typically ask you to DM (direct message) your account email address to look into it the issue. From then on, your conversation with them may continue either in Twitter DMs or emails.

Contacting Postmates on Twitter isn’t the magic solution to getting instant, detailed help. Most of the time, Postmates on Twitter will direct you to Help features in the app or at If you’re having a common issue (such as a missing item or slow delivery), you might have better results by using the Help features built into the app.

What is the best way to get help from Postmates?

Without a customer service phone number, it can seem hard to directly reach out to Postmates when you need help. They do provide a fairly robust Help system in the app and online, but it’s frustrating to dig around menus and not find the help you need. And it doesn’t help that Postmates buries contact forms deep inside their site. So what’s to be done?

Prevent common problems before they happen. Double check your delivery address and the items in your order before you send the request. If you’ve placed your order and notice issues like missing items or an incorrect delivery address, cancel the order ASAP and place it again with the correct info. Or contact Postmates in the app using the tips described earlier in the article.

If delivering to your address is tricky, send a text with instructions to your courier as soon as they pick up your order. Good communication can prevent a delayed or missed delivery.

Understand that your delivery courier can’t do everything. Try not to overburden your delivery courier with too many texts or calls. Don’t contact them about issues that they can’t deal with, such as changing the items in your delivery. They are not in control of the price you paid, and it’s not their fault if a restaurant made a mistake on your order.

Contact Postmates quickly. When something goes wrong, make sure to contact Postmates about the issue within 48 hours to get the faster service. Postmates claims that you will get faster, better service if you reach out not long after the order is complete.

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