Become a a Vayable Guide

Posted 3 years ago by Vayable

Job Description

What is a Vayable Guide?

Vayable Guides are independent people who create unique experiences to share with others. Anyone with unique knowledge, skills or access can earn money offering an experience as a Vayable Guide. Vayable carefully vets all Guides for quality and safety.

Vayable Guides are writers, historians, musicians, tour guides, journalists, designers, bankers,architects, foodies, travel agents, Peace Corps volunteers, social workers, students, administrative assistants, philanthropists, writers, taxi drivers, engineers, teachers, poets, designers, business executives, chefs, travelers, bloggers, pilots, farmers, dancers and more.

Experience Guidelines:

All Vayable experiences are hosted in person by Vayable Guides and their purpose is to provide cultural enrichment, education and a good time. All Vayable experiences must be independently lead by the Guide and be an experience in art, fashion, design, eating, drinking, architecture, history, outdoors or any other cultural experience that tells a unique story about the destination.

Every Guide on Vayable:

  • Commits to delivering a high-quality experience to every traveler.
  • Prioritizes safety and security above all else.
  • Is passionate, personable and trustworthy.

At the heart of every movement is a group of individuals who embody the change they want to see in the world. For Vayable, these people are our Guides. They are empowering themselves to make a living doing what they know and love. They are making the world a better place by inviting the rest of us to enjoy new experiences and develop new ways of seeing the world.

Meet great people

Connect with curious and savvy travelers from all over the world. Nothing is better than the bond you share doing something you care about with new and different people.

Earn money

Supplement your income or build a business doing the things you love. Whether you’re an avid kayaker, shopper or painter, earn extra income putting your passions and skills to use.

Share your world

Enjoy the thrill of introducing a new place or experience to someone for the first time. Help shape how visitors experience and perceive your community and culture.

Gain notoriety

Our guides are regularly covered in local press and blogs, are featured as keynote speakers at events, and generate buzz around town for the unique experiences they offer.