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Job Description

The Application Process

  • Fill out required fields & submit your application
  • If your application is accepted, the rest of your paperwork will be emailed immediately.
  • Complete and return all paperwork
  • Once the paperwork is completed you will be contacted with your login information for every app you’ll need in order to start and some more specific info on delivering
  • A local manager will get you set up with your Delivery Bag and OrangeCrate Card which is used to pay for the orders you deliver.
  • Start driving!

The Basics Of Delivering

  • Choose the shifts you’d like to drive each week in the When I Work app each Thursday
  • Use the Check-in button on the DeliverLogic app during your chosen shifts to show that you are available to deliver
  • You will receive a push notification when you receive an order in your DeliverLogic app
  • Mark the order Confirmed and head to the restaurant
  • Once arrived, mark the order Arrived and pay with your OrangeCrate credit card.
  • Place the food in the designated heatwave bag, mark the order Enroute, and deliver to your customer with a smile
  • Mark the order Delivered, and view your earnings in the “reports” tab of DeliverLogic

(All information you need to complete your delivery will be displayed in the app, if you have any questions feel free to use the chat feature in DeliverLogic to connect with our dispatchers. )

Driver Payout

  • You earn 85% of the delivery fee and 100% of the tip for each order successfully completed. Delivery fees are based on the distance from pick up to drop off. $2.99 covers the first two miles, and each additional mile driven is .54¢.
  • Earnings from Monday – Sunday are transferred into your Jobble account (our payroll processing service) each Monday and paid out the following Wednesday-Friday. Your first paycheck will be delayed, and each deposit will be 1 week behind.

(It’s important to remember that earnings for some orders could be as low as $2.99 while others could be as high as $25-$35. We have calculated that the average order comes out to about $10. Remember, orders are not guaranteed, some days you may receive 4 orders and some days you may receive 15! )

Cities We Deliver In

OrangeCrate delivers in 300+ cities around the US.