Become a Freelance Writer

Posted 3 years ago by Scripted

Job Description

Apply to become a freelance writer on Scripted. Scripted’s mission is to pair the best writers with the best clients. Scripted writers earn an average of over ten cents per word and fully control their pricing and workload.

Work Directly with Businesses

  • Propose jobs directly to customers.
  • Build relationships with customers through in-app messaging.

Write in Any Industry

  • New projects are available every day.
  • Propose jobs to a wide variety of project topics.

Payment is Guaranteed

  • Get paid automatically 15 days after your job is accepted.
  • Qualify for partial payment on any rejected job.

Set Your Own Prices

  • Set your own prices and earn a higher rate on job requests and when you propose jobs.
  • Minimum pricing on each job ensures all writers earn a fair wage.

Create a Portfolio

  • Host samples of your work in your Scripted profile.
  • Build out your profile and get customers to come to you.

Make Your Own Schedule

  • Control your workload and set your own hours.
  • Take a vacation whenever you want.

Work from Anywhere

  • You’re free to work anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Scripted currently supports writers that live in 20+ countries.