Host with Pavemint

Posted 3 years ago by Pavemint

Job Description

Your home is an asset you can share to earn money when you’re away. Now your driveway is too! Become a Pavemint Host and be rewarded for helping drivers in your city get to their destinations faster. With the Pavemint iOS app and web dashboard, anyone can:

Apply to list your space in minutes

The Pavemint iOS app and web dashboard make listing fast and easy. Just answer a few questions about your parking space and apply. Once approved, you can start making money instantly!

Flexible scheduling to fit your lifestyle

Manage listings from your phone or desktop, and update availability with the swipe of your finger. With Pavemint’s powerful scheduling tools, you have complete flexibility.

Earn extra cash without extra work

Without lifting more than a finger, you can now monetize your underused parking spaces, and the money goes straight into your Venmo or bank account.

More features to make Hosting easy

Address verification

Pavemint verifies your address so no one else can lay claim to it and get paid by pretending they’re you. 

Flexible reservation approval

Have a space that’s always available? Turn on Auto-Approve, so you can set it and forget it. Have a schedule that’s more hectic? You can opt to get notifications for every reservation request or prohibit last-minute reservations.

Smart pricing suggestions

Based on meter and lot rates in your area, parking supply and walkability, Pavemint’s Smart Pricing Algorithm helps you determine what your space is worth.

Premium features

Have an EV charger, security camera or other feature that elevates your parking space above the rest? Now it pays off.

Business or residential

Just like your home driveway while you’re on the go, your business lot that sits empty after-hours can be put to work making you extra cash.

In-app messaging

Communication with your Guests is easy and accessible with Pavemint’s secure messaging system.