Rent Your Airplane

Posted 4 years ago by OpenAirplane

Job Description

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OpenAirplane makes it easy to find, book, fly, and pay for aircraft rental online or with a mobile device. We’ll help Operators get better utilization of their fleets, and help Pilots fly more.

The OpenAirplane Universal Pilot Checkout allows FBOs around the country to easily verify a Pilot’s qualifications and training in each make and model aircraft. Pilots gain access to planes around the U.S. without the usual hassle and expense.

OpenAirplane offers a better way to make rental fleets more profitable. Our reputation system brings transparency to both sides of the transaction, which we hope is an incentive for everyone to fly their best.

Universally recognized by the insurance industry, Pilots who participate in our standardization / evaluation program earn discounts on their rental policy premiums.

Together we can help Pilots fly more, substantially lower the accident rate, and make flying even more fun.