The Fastest Ways to Contact Uber Customer Service

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The Uber app typically works really well when it comes to getting a ride and paying for it. However, if you ever have a problem that requires help from Uber customer service, you may find that Uber has put up big walls between you and customer service that make it seem nearly impossible to get real help.

There is an Uber customer service phone number, but not all customers can call it. You also can’t directly email a customer service email address. Instead, most customers can only get help from Uber by using the Help and Your Trips sections of the Uber app, or If you have an issue with a specific trip, go to “Your Trips” inside the Uber app to get help.

Uber drivers can call Uber via the Uber Driver App, or by calling 1-800-593-7069. Go to Account > Help, then tap the phone icon in the upper corner to call Uber. Many trip issues can be solved within the Driver App, or by visiting If your issues isn’t with a specific trip, follow my instructions below to find a contact form that allows drivers to send a message to Uber.

What’s the easiest, most reliable way to contact Uber customer service when you need help? The best way to get in touch with Uber is to find a help article at that relates to your issue and contains a form to contact Uber via email. If you have an issue with a specific trip, find the trip receipt inside the app and look for help articles that address your issue. Read on for more detail and best practices.

Uber’s phone number: Can you call Uber customer service?

It’s a frustrating fact, but Uber only provides a customer service telephone number to some customers, not all. Only riders in select markets with a Premium account status can call Uber. For all other users, you have to handle the support issues you have through the app or at

Uber phone number for ‘Premium Riders’ only: 1-800-314-2308
If you call the number above and it doesn’t work, you don’t have access to telephone support. Read on to learn how to contact Uber

How to see if you can call the Uber phone number: In Uber app, tap the menu icon (☰), tap Help, then scroll to the bottom and look for “Call Support.” If you can’t find “Call Support,” telephone support is not available to your account and you’ll have to contact Uber using the other methods described in this article.

Once your ride is over, your driver can’t help you with any issues other than to coordinate with you to retrieve a lost item. Contacting your Uber driver is not a good idea after your ride is over. They have no control over the price you paid, the fees you were charged, or issues you have with your account.

There is a ‘critical safety response line’ phone number buried inside the Uber app, but it is for emergencies or serious safety complaints only. You won’t get any customer service for ordinary issues if you call that line. You should only use the critical safety response phone number if you need safety-related assistance.

How to call Uber Eats customer service: 1-800-253-9377

Uber Eats customers can call a customer service phone line at 1-800-253-9377. Calling Uber Eats customer service is most useful if you need to modify an order that is in progress. Otherwise, is the best way to get help with an Eats order that has already occurred. Read more about Uber Eats in our Uber Eats user guide and Uber Eats driver guide.

How to contact Uber customer service (when you can’t call them)

Depending on your issue, there are different ways to contact Uber customer service.

How to get help with an Uber trip issue

  • “Your Trips” section in the Uber app: Open the Uber app, tap the menu (☰), then tap “Your Trips”. Select the trip, then browse the Help section for relevant help articles.
  • At You can also get help with a trip at Click “Trip issues and refunds,” and select the trip. From there, help articles will contain contact forms or instructions on next steps
  • If you lost an item in an Uber, jump to ‘What to do if you lost an item in an Uber’

How to ask Uber a general question

  • Find a contact form at Use the search feature at to find a help article that matches your issue. Some help articles contain a contact form that allows you to send a message to Uber
  • Send a tweet to Uber on Twitter: Send a tweet to @Uber_Support to ask a general question
  • Send a message to Uber on Facebook: Begin at Uber’s Facebook pageand send a message via Messenger

What NOT to do to get customer service from Uber

  • Don’t call the critical safety response line. It’s for emergencies only. You won’t get any customer service from this number.
  • Don’t call your driver after a trip is over unless it’s about a lost item.
  • Don’t reply to your email ride receipt. Your email will bounce back, and you’ll get a message to visit
  • Don’t try to contact Uber through an email address you found in a ride receipt or another support thread. They all bounce back.

As frustrating as it may seem, the only way to successfully get customer service from Uber is to use or the app. Trying to brute force your way into customer support through your driver or the critical safety response line won’t work.

How to get customer service through

Instead of providing phone service, Uber has set off on an ambitious mission to create a help article for every issue imaginable. contains a massive number of help articles that cover just about every issue you can think of. Over the years it’s become an impressive resource, but due to the large number of articles and the arbitrary way it’s organized, it’s not always easy to find the article you need.

There is a search feature that you can use to find an article without hunting through menus. The best way to search for a help article is to use as few keywords as possible. For example, let’s say you lost an item. Input “lost,” see what comes up, and select the best match. Don’t input a complicated phrase like “I lost something in the Uber how do I pick it up” because that will generate no search results. It’s not Google, so the search bar is not very good at guessing what you want.

Once you find the article that addresses your issue, look for a contact form near the bottom. That’s where you’ll be able to directly contact customer support. If that article doesn’t have one, try to find an article on a similar topic that does.

Fastest steps to get help from Uber

  1. Use the help features in the Your Trips section if you had an issue with a trip, or find a contact form at
  2. Wait for a response. Expect to wait 24 hours
  3. Once Uber responds, you can reply via email or through the “Support messages” feature in the Help section of the Uber app

Uber service reps don’t have a lot of time to understand your situation, so only tell them exactly what they need to know to make a decision. If your message to Uber is more than a few sentences, it’s probably too long.

  • Make your messages to customer service as brief as possible
  • Include only essential information
  • Refer to specific dates, times, amounts, ride numbers, and any other data that will help Uber understand your point

Once you get a reply, you might find that the response you get from Uber customer service is copied and pasted from a help article without addressing your specific situation. If that happens, don’t give up and don’t send an angry response. Instead, reply to the message and politely state that you’re still looking for an answer to your question. Then, restate your question. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get Uber to directly address your issue. Don’t give in to frustration. You’re a lot less likely to get help if you start sending angry messages or adding additional detail that will only overwhelm the customer service rep.

How to get a refund or fare adjustment from Uber

In the Uber app, tap the menu icon (☰) in the upper left corner, then tap “Your Trips.” Select your trip and tap it to bring up the Trip Details menu. Scroll to the Help tab and tap “Review my fare or fees.” From there you can send in a complaint about your trip, or you can ask for a refund in the “I had a different issue with my charge” help item.

Alternatively, you can use to get a fare adjustment or refund. Under “Trip issues and refunds,” you’ll see a map and a dropdown list. Click the dropdown and find the ride in question. Support topics will appear below the fare receipt. You should be able to find a support article that addresses your issue and contains a contact form that allows you to send a message to Uber. If you don’t, find the closest related help article with a contact form and use it to send a message.

How to recover a lost an item from an Uber

If you lost an item in an Uber, you can contact your driver to see if the item is still in their car. If your driver has the item, you can coordinate a time and a place to get the item back. There is a $15 returned item fee in some cities.

Steps to contact Uber about a lost item:

  • Go to and log in
  • Under “Trips Issues and Refunds,” find the ride where you lost the item
  • Select “I lost an item”
  • Enter your phone number
  • Uber will call you and connect you to your driver
  • If the driver picks up their phone or responds to your phone message, you can coordinate a time and place to pick up your item
  • If the driver doesn’t pick up or quickly respond, try the steps above again in a few hours

If your ride has just ended, find the text notification notifying you that your driver arrived and call that number. It will only put you in touch with your driver if it hasn’t been long since your ride ended.

The Uber app has service features similar to, but it’s not as easy to use

The Help section inside the Uber app contains many of the same articles and support forms as, but the app doesn’t have a search feature. Without a search feature, you end up having to tap through level after level of menus only to hope that you reach the right help article. Hunting through the app isn’t the best way to get support unless you have a very standard question about one of your past rides. You’ll find what you need a lot faster at

Uber Drivers: How to Contact Uber Support And Get Help

Uber drivers have more options than customers when it comes to getting help.

The 5 ways for Uber drivers to contact Uber

  1. Call the 24/7 driver support line at 1-800-593-7069
  2. Use the Uber Driver app to get help with trip issues
  3. Visit to find answers and contact Uber
  4. Send a Tweet to Uber’s Twitter account: @Uber_Support
  5. Get in-person help at a Greenlight office

How to call Uber as an Uber driver

Uber offers 24/7 phone support for Uber drivers in many markets. To call into phone support for drivers, open the driver app, tap your profile image in the upper right corner of the home screen, tap Help in the upper corner, then scroll to the bottom to find the Call Us button. You can ask Uber anything you want, but many drivers report that it’s not too much more helpful than the normal online support system.

How drivers can call Uber: In the driver app, tap your profile image, then Help, then scroll to find Call Support

Uber phone number for drivers only: 1-800-593-7069

How drivers can ask Uber a question inside the Uber driver app

To submit a question inside the Uber driver app, tap: Account > Help > Account and Payment > Change Account Settings > I have another account issue

You can send a question to Uber using the Uber driver app, but in what seems like a mission to reduce the number of support messages they get, Uber buried the forms deep inside their extensive menu system.

To submit a question inside the Uber driver app, tap: Account > Help > Account and Payment > Change Account Settings > I have another account issue

Note: There are other ways to ask a question inside the app!

The steps above show you how to find a contact form for general account issues, and Uber will reply to any type of question you enter into it. But there are other forms for more specific purposes. They have built-in features that are helpful for things like fare reviews and payment questions.

How to view your existing support threads with Uber driver support

Account tab > Help > Support Messages

After you’ve submitted a question, you can track the support thread with Uber inside the driver app. You’ll see all the questions you’ve submitted through these help forms, and you can read replies from Uber and update the thread with new replies of your own.

How drivers can ask a question at

Much like the driver app, contains a massive variety of support articles, but Uber has chosen to bury the question submission forms behind menus.

  1. Go to
  2. On PC: Click “For Partners” on the left
    • On Mobile: Tap “For Partners” at the top
  3. Under Account and Payment , click “More”
  4. Under “Changing Account Settings”, click “I have another account issue”

You can also use the search bar to search for “I have another account issue.”

What drivers can expect after asking Uber a question

You’ll get an email when an Uber rep answers your question, and the reply will also appear in the Support Messages area of the app. It should take anywhere from a few hours to 2 days to get a response. Most drivers find that Uber’s response time varies by quite a bit. Don’t be surprised if the first answer you get doesn’t directly address your question.

If you’re unhappy with Uber’s response, you can reply to Uber’s email or add a reply using the Support Messages area of the driver app.

Tips to get better help from Uber support

  • One question at a time – Uber typically will only respond to one issue at a time, so loading your message with several issues won’t be effective.
  • Be as brief as possible – Only include the details that are absolutely essential to your issue. Many drivers send Uber long-winded stories in a massive wall of text. Uber reps have to reply quickly, so only give them what they need.
  • Be polite and civil – Don’t let your anger show. Be polite, but direct.

Drivers can get in-person help at Greenlight Hub offices

Uber operates in-person support offices called Greenlight Hubs in most big cities. Uber reps at these offices will spend a lot more time on your issues and have access to all the information they need to correct issues on the spot. If you want a faster resolution and a better answer, visit a Greenlight Hub.

You can find office locations by going to Click “For Partners,” then search for “in person help” and look for the relevant article. That will typically contain the address to your local Greenlight Hub.

The rides are on demand, but the customer service isn’t

Overall, the Uber customer service experience leaves a lot to be desired. It’s hard to contact Uber to begin with, and once you do, it can take awhile to hear back. is getting better and better as time goes by, so when you need to contact Uber, always start there first. Until Uber launches a live chat or phone service, you’ll have to work your way through never-ending help articles and contact forms.

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