Top 50 Work From Home Jobs to Make Money Quickly

April 24, 2019 0 Comments

Many people will have a situation arise that will require them to look for work from home jobs to make a living. 

Woking a 9-5 job for someone is something that many people don’t even care to do. The only way out is to start something new from home.

You just need the right direction and a legit source of earning. In this post, I will explain to you how you can earn through working from home.

There are many work at home jobs and make money online jobs that I am going to share with you. I have personally done research on it and found legitimate work from home jobs to assist you.

50 Best Work From Home Jobs In 2019

Go through my ideas and pick the best work from home jobs that you think you can do well. Remember, Making money from home is super easy, but you need to motivate yourself and of course, little effort is required.

1. Data Entry Jobs

Many businesses love to outsource their data entry work to cut the employee cost. They search for the people who can work from home and do their data entry job. 

You just need a computer to perform data entry work. The company may share with you a paper or an e-forms d to type the data into the system. The data could be related to inventory, paper forms, surveys, etc. 

It’s one of the best and a popular work from home jobs, especially who wants to do part-time work. 

How Much I Can Earn From Data Entry job?

It depends upon what type of data entry work you are doing. A normal data entry work can give you from $7 to $20. Once you find that you are getting enough work then you can start working full-time. 

You can earn more than $20 if you increase your speed or share your work with your friends or family members.

From Where Do I Get Data Entry?

2. Online Surveys Jobs From Home

Simply go to Bonsai or Freelancer or Upwork and register yourself. You can directly contact the companies for work from home jobs. But the best method is reaching out to them through a platform like Bonsai.

If you are ready to give 1-2 hours a day to earn extra money, then online surveys could be the best option for you. 

Many companies wanted opinions from people to understand consumer behavior. They create a survey question which is easy to answer and provide cash on eligible surveys.

You do not need to be highly qualified to answer the questions. A normal person can join online survey companies.

How much I can earn from the online surveys?

Spending your spare time can make you earn from $60 to $500 every month. You can even make more than this if you spend more time in answering surveys while traveling, lunch, dinner, etc.

This is a part-time work from home jobs that offers you the flexibility to earn money.

Which online survey sites can pay me the most?

There are many online survey companies you can find on the internet but all do not pay cash. Some online survey sites that pay cash. To take surveys you can join at least three well-known survey sites that pay real cash. 

Sign Up for free

  • Survey Junkie
  • InboxDollars – iOS, Android OR Browser
  • Swagbucks
  • Survey Voices

People are making maximum cash daily with these sites by just working some hours from home.

3. Make Money Blogging

This is where my maximum earning comes from. You can start a blog on the topic that you like most.

It can be health & fitness, money, cooking, fashion, sports, travel or any other ideas. Just start a blog on whatever you know and make money fast out of it.

You can make money from blogging through Google Ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, other advertisements. 

Once you get growing in blogging, companies may contact you and pay you extra money to promote your blog. 

There are bloggers who charge $500 per advertisement banner. Just concentrate on growing your blog. Write it down whatever you know and publish it on the internet through your blog. 

How much I can make money from blogging?

You can make from zero to millions each month. It’s a very big market to make extra money online. Many bloggers that I know who are earning money more than $100,000 per month. 

They are just like you and me. They write whatever they learn and share it through their blog and make extra money every day.

How to become a blogger?

When I was new in blogging, I took 45 minutes to start a blog. Yes, I took some time to find the best methods to make my blog successful.

I will also teach you how to make maximum money and writing techniques that make people visit your blog regularly.

4. Become a Copywriter

Can you write for companies or entrepreneurs? This is one of the best online jobs from home, especially for the writers.

Basically, Copywriter is actually a freelance writer who writes for others. Copywriting is becoming famous and also one of the best work from home job in term of the job opportunity. 

You can write in blogs, flyers, magazines, websites, advertising, and newspaper.

If you are new in writing, then it’s best for you to write for a blogger because blogging requires basic English that anyone can understand.

How much I can earn as a Copywriter?

You can make $10 to $50 per hour or else you can charge $5 to $10 per hundred words. 

How to get copywriting work?

To get more work and earn maximum, you can join Bonsai. It’s a user-friendly platform that will help you to get the clients for your home-based jobs.

Create a powerful profile on Bonsai that should attract people and make them contact you for their copywriting work.

You can also learn Copywriting and then join Bonsai to work from home.

5. Web Programmer

If you have a knowledge of web programming and know how to create a website, then you can make handsome money from home.

You can get a client for your business from Bonsai. It’s a beautiful platform for all type of freelancers. Sign up for Bonsai and start getting business. You are a seller which means you are selling service.

How much a web programmer earns from home?

It all depends upon how fast you are in creating a website. You can earn around $4000 a month or even more. You can learn Web development online from home and then start your career or business. 

How to earn maximum from Web programming?

Get business from Bonsai and make sure to give the best service to your clients. This will make your client to give you a 5-star rating. 

Bonsai gives more priority to high star raters, hence you will get more business. You may even require to take help from your friends or hire people when you get more business. 

How to find web programming job?

There are many ways where you can easily get website designing work. The most effective ways are becoming a seller on Bonsai, create a blog and promote business, contact business owners and approach them to have a business website through you.

6. Make Money From Your Own Phone

Your smartphone can help you make money fast daily even in your spare time. There are some apps that gives earning opportunities for users. 

Over millions of user makes money daily from phone and supporting their monthly expenses without any hassle. Simply install the app and register to get eligible for making money with them.

How much I can make from my phone?

Spending 30 min to 1 hour a day can make you earn $10 – $18. You can also make money online during traveling or break time or at home. 

How to make money from the phone?

Some app companies are looking for genuine people who can work with them honestly. In return, they pay a good amount of money regularly.

Below is a list of apps.

  • Acorns.
  • Survey Junkie.
  • Ibotta.
  • Swagbucks

7. Create an E-commerce Store

Do you want to make extra money from selling things online? If you can buy things at a cheap price then you should make use of an online store. 

Creating an e-commerce store is as simple as creating a blog. They both have the same steps. This is a kind of legitimate work from home job that can make you financially stronger.

You can make use of a drop shipping style of selling. Here you do not need to buy anything. As soon as anyone buys through your online store, you will send the details to the wholesaler and that wholesaler directly send the product to the buyer. 

You do not need to keep the inventory as the product is going directly from wholesaler to the buyer. You just need to keep track of sales and receipts & payments.

Check how to build an eCommerce store and start your own home business.

How much I can make from the E-commerce store?

There is no limit to earning money from the e-commerce store. See Amazon is an e-commerce store. Imagine how much you can make if you apply better marketing strategies.

If you are going to handle the business alone, then you can make $5000. The more time you spend in learning, the more you can earn.

How to start an e-commerce store?

You can start an e-commerce store from today. Simply Signup with Shopify and set up your e-commerce store. It’s user-friendly and easy to list a product.

Shopify is completely automated. No website coding required.

8. Write an EBook

Normal writing knowledge can give you opportunities to make more money. If you like to work from home then you should not ignore ebook writing.

How much I can make from ebook writing?

If you apply the strategies that every ebook writer applies, then you can make $5000 each month or even more. 

What are the strategies to make the most from the ebook?

To make most from the ebook, you can run an advertisement on facebook or other social networking sites.

The strategy that is trending nowadays is: start a blog, write content and inside the content, ask reader to buy the ebook. Make sure that your ebook worth buying and most searchable topic with less competition over the internet.

9. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a very big platform to work from home. If you are really interested in affiliate marketing, then you should go for it.

Even most of my earnings come from affiliates. Affiliate marketing is all about selling products or services online. 

Affiliate marketing works best with the blog. You just need to write on one topic and mention the affiliate link. You will be paid on each sale you make. This is one of the best work from home side hustle job and many bloggers are making in millions. I told you it’s a very big market. 

How much I can make from affiliate marketing?

There is no limit. You can earn $0 or $100,000 every month. You just need to learn how affiliate marketing works.

How to start affiliate marketing from home?

You need a product or service to start affiliate marketing. There are affiliate networks who provides many product or services. Sign up with below affiliate marketing networks and start promoting the affiliate product.

  • Flexoffer
  • Maxbounty
  • Linkshare
  • Commission Junction

10. Online Teaching Jobs From Home

Online jobs from home in the teaching industry is growing from last 7 years. People are more comfortable with learning online.

Teachable is the online teaching platform for the one who wants to teach people online. In this busy world, we feel more interested in learning online instead of going to classes.

No matter you are a Mom or does a 9-5 job. Anyone can join Teachable and do a part-time job from home.

How much I can make from online teaching?

You can make between $1,000 to $10,000 per month. The more you teach online, the more you can earn. 

How much time do I need to invest daily?

For part-time work from home jobs, investing 1.5 to 2 hours is more than enough. If you are looking for full-time job, then make sure you spend at least 6-8 hours a day. 

11. Work From Home Jobs for Graphic Designer

Do you have a graphic designing knowledge? There are many new entrepreneurs or companies who search for graphic designers who can create their banner, visiting cards, logo designing, magazine design, and posters. 

How much does Graphic designer get paid?

It’s all depends upon the number of clients you have. You can charge $15-$40 for creating a logo or charge $25 – $30 per hour. 

You can also do part-time work from home jobs and have a decent earning every week.

Where do I get Graphic designing home jobs?

You can join Bonsai and become a seller. Make sure to mention all the skills you have into your profile. 

If you provide the best service within the deadline, then you will be appreciated with your work. The client may come again and give you the other project to work on. Always provide best & quality work. Bonsai likes people who provide quality work and promote those on the search list.

12. Website Testing

Website owner requires a website developer or website tester to check how their website is working. A website tester spot the errors, navigation, user experience, design, and graphics. After completion, tester recommends the best steps to upgrade/update the website.

A website tester can work from home and start a home business. Use your skills and start making money online.

How much a website tester make?

One website testing takes 10-15 minutes and you can make $10-$18 per testing. 

Where do I get a website testing work?

Few online testing sites that offer good money per testing. See the list below:

  • User testing
  • Enroll
  • Whatuserdo
  • Userlytics

13. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is always been in the higher side when it comes to payment. This work can be done from the office or home

Usually, a normal business doesn’t hire bookkeeper as they cannot afford to pay full-time. Instead, they outsource their accounting work to the freelance bookkeeper.

Out of many work from home job opportunities, bookkeeping is one of the highly paid job in the freelancing industry.

How much a Bookkeeper make?

A bookkeeper makes around $25-$55 per hour or even more if you have experience of handling tough accounting work.

Learn bookkeeping online and boost your income.

Where do I get Bookkeeping job?

I have collected some well-known companies who can provide you a Bookkeeping job. Sign up with these sites and start working from home.

  • FlexJobs
  • Legitonlinejobs

14. Make Videos for Youtube

I have seen people who loves to speak and teach others, they are more successful on Youtube. 

As we all know that Youtube is full of videos. We usually find what we want to watch. If you don’t like reading blogs, you simply open Youtube and get help from videos. Youtube has now become one of the most popular video search engine.

How much a Youtuber make each month?

A Youtuber make $1 to $6 per 1000 views from Adsense. They also make money online from brands that they promote like $8 to $50 per thousand views.

How a Youtuber make money?

A Youtuber simply record a video on the topic that they know very well and upload it on their channel.

As soon as the videos reached the number of views that Youtube has set for, a YouTuber gets permission to run ads on their videos.

The earning depends upon the number of views you get for your videos. Youtube also allows to place affiliate links on the description.

Check your complete YouTube guide to become a professional Youtuber.

15. Sell on Amazon from Home

Have you ever seen any products at a very cheap price? It’s time to sell those products on Amazon with the good profit margin.

You can easily get success on Amazon when you make a good connection with the wholesaler. Ask them to lower their price and show them future buying prediction of yours.

At the starting stage, you may need to show that you are successfully selling their items. Nobody wants to lose their customers. A wholesaler will surely offer you a best price. This will allow you to list your product at a very competitive price.

If you do not have your own eCommerce website, then you can use Amazon and list your product there. 

It’s easy to become a seller on Amazon and make money online. This work requires an investment to get started, but the earning opportunity is very huge. 

Amazon is a big platform to make money online. Simply register with Amazon and become a seller and start selling you own product.

This is how you can win the game and set up your own and the best work from home job.

How much I can make money with Amazon?

It’s all depends upon what product you are selling and in what quantity. You can earn $100 or $100,000 per month. It’s all about your ability to deal with your Amazon business.

A new Amazon seller make between $200 to $1500 at an initial stage. You need to give time to get success. You might do mistakes and learn from it. 

As soon as you set your online business, you will be able to make more than $3000 a month.

How to become an Amazon seller?

It’s easy to become an Amazon seller and start your own online work from home.

  • Sign Up for Amazon seller account.
  • Choose category related to your product.
  • Business details.
  • List your product.
  • Sell your products.
  • Receive money.

Tips to sell on Amazon

You will need to do better than what your competitors are doing and for this, you need to know the tips to sell your product smartly.

  • Upload to good quality pictures.
  • Competitive price.
  • Sell quality product otherwise, the buyer may return the product.
  • Follow Amazon seller rules.
  • Find the wholesale business that offers a product at a cheap price.

16. Virtual Assistant Home Jobs

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a person who mainly work from home for a company. Any skills you have can make you eligible to get a Virtual assistant job.

What type of work a Virtual Assistant does?

Any type of work which can be done outside the workplace. It’s an online jobs from home for freelancers. See the list of most popular VA work at home jobs that are paying high in the market.

  • Social media 
  • Data entry
  • Bookkeeping
  • Virtual research assistant
  • Marketing
  • Email responder
  • Chat support
  • Presentation data

How much I can make extra money as a Virtual assistant?

A Virtual assistant job can make you earn $25 to $50. It’s all about what skills you have and what type of work you perform.

We all have one skills/experience that can help us to make most. Just make use of such skills and start making money from home.

Where do I find a Virtual assistant job?

I have found a very useful platform where you can easily join in minutes and start getting the client. 

Simply visit Bonsai and register yourself as a seller. Sometimes I give my work to the VA who are registered with Bonsai. You won’t find challenge on understanding Bonsai. It’s totally a user-friendly platform.

17. Rent Extra Room With Airbnb

Having an extra room is an asset and this can become an extra source of income for you.

Airbnb offers people to become a partner in room renting business. You need to get registered with Airbnb to make you first income from your house.

If you are getting an opportunity to make money online, then never lose it.

It’s pretty simple. Fill up the online form and answer a few simple questions and you are ready to go.

You can offer food to the guest to earn extra money. Remember, more amenities leads to earning more money. People will tend to select your room if you offer more facilities. Learn more about Airbnb.

How much I can make money with Airbnb?

It all depends upon your location and the season. On average, you can make between $1000 to $4000 per month. 

How to Become an Airbnb Host?

  • Sign Up with Airbnb for free.
  • answer some basics questions.
  • List a room.
  • Upload room pictures.
  • Type summary/description of your room.
  • Set Up calendar(Room availability).
  • Set Price
  • Select Payment Method(For receiving payments).

18. Software Developer Job

good knowledge of coding and programming can help you to earn 1000’s of dollar from home.

Connect with software companies and help them in creating powerful software. This work from home job has the potential to make you wealthy as this field has a huge demand in the industry.

You can start your own home business by helping new entrepreneurs with software that can manage their inventory, sales, cash, and expenses. Many students do this business and earn from home.

How much a software developer make?

A software developer makes from $1500 to $9000 or even more, depending upon the skills they have.

Where do I get Software developing job?

You can register yourself on Bonsai or Flexjobs. They both are well-known freelancing platform in the industry.

19. Virtual Call Agent Job

Many companies do outsource the inbound or outbound call to the freelancers. A call agent job may have different responsibilities such as answering queries, calling to make sale, etc.

How much I can earn as a Call Agent?

A Virtual call agent makes between $15-$25 per hour. If your calling job is sales related then you may get big incentives on making extra sales.

How do I get Virtual call agent job?

There are companies who offer legitimate work from home job for calls and earn part-time and full time. Check out below companies for virtual call agent job.

  • Alorica
  • American Express
  • Accolade Support Call Center Services
  • Upwork
  • Indeed

20. Referral Income

Referral Income is now getting popular in the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or a housewife, you can still make money part-time working from home.

Referral income is basically an invitational job where you invite someone to join a particular program or buy things.

How Much I can make in referral income?

Referral income is not fixed. The type of product/service that you are promoting and what strategies you are applying will decide the expected earning.

The best way to make extra income is by referring to your friends or family.

Where to find referral products/services?

You can earn referral income from your phone. I know some online services that offer referral earning. You will need to join below companies to get eligible for referral income. They all are free to join. 

  • Swagbucks
  • Acorns
  • Ebates

21. Freelancing

Any normal person can make extra money online using its skills or by helping others. It’s called a freelancing job where you are assisting people on a certain task.

You can start your business by just working as a freelancer from home or buy a space for a rent.

You have end number of options to work as a freelancer. You can assist people, entrepreneur or business on a particular task and charge them on a hourly basis or task completion basis. 

My suggestion is to target only one field and master it. This will help you to earn more money for a lifetime.

How much I can make as a freelancer?

It completely depends upon the type of task you are performing. But, in general, I would say, you can make $18-$30 per hour.

How to become a freelancer?

You can join well-performing freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancers. I also suggest you to upload your CV on Indeed.

If you want to master one field and want to work as a freelancer in the same, then it’s better to do a course and then start freelancing work from home job.

Suggested Freelancing Courses For Home Income.

  • SEO Freelancing
  • Web Design
  • Content Writing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Video Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Interior Design
  • Software Programming

22. Sell Handmade Crafts

Are you good at handmade crafts? If yes, then start selling it to the retailers or on Amazon or other online stores. 

You can sell a product which has some different look, especially for the house interior. The handmade craft can be sold at a higher price due to less competition. 

Handmade craftwork is growing rapidly and it is majorly used for showpiece or decoration. This is to give a unique and natural look to their house or office. 

How to earn money with handmade products?

You have various options to sell handmade crafts. Sell it online through Esty, Amazon, and handmadeartists.

Make sure to share your crafts on your social media account. Take a good quality picture and share it with your friends. 

Doing partnership with the retail store who keep craft items also works. Offer them a good rate to purchase your craft items. They will surely have a partnership agreement with you if they like your craft.

If you are new at selling things online, I would recommend you to start with Esty and social networking sites. 

23. Translator

Knowing two languages is a skill and any skill never get wasted if you use it properly. There are many companies who offer work who knows multiple languages.

You may be hired for translation of a document to other languages. There are many other work you can perform like listening to audio files and type it to another language, take calls, fill up forms, teaching to kids and many more. 

How much a translator earns?

A translator earn between $20 to $35. Many organisations offer work from home opportunity to make money fast. 

Where do I get translator work?

Simply sign up with Flexjobs or Bonsai and create your profile. You will be featured on their translator search page. 

24. Proofreading Work From Home Jobs

Want to earn handsome money daily? Start proofreading and make money on a daily basis. There are bloggers, writers, authors who want their writing to be proofread to detect the mistake. 

Your task is to read the written material and detect the grammatical error, typo error, and sentence framing mistakes.

You can still make a lot on working part-time from home. A proofreading work can be done from anywhere like while traveling, spare time at home, vacation and lunch break.

Make better use of your time and set up your own work from home job. 

How much a proofreader make?

A full time proofreader make $45,000 – $65,000. The pay is high for a proofreader is due to less competition in the market. 

Proofreading work can be done part-time as well. Earning an extra $1000 by working as part-time is a very good deal.

Where to find proofreading job?

To find any type of freelancing work, always keep Bonsai on your top list. Bonsai brings clients to their registered freelancer. 

25. Seo Specialist

Having a knowledge of SEO is a very big skill by itself. There is a huge demand for SEO Specialist in the digital market. 

If you understand Google’s algorithm and how to do SEO, then start earning money from today. 

Many bloggers, website owners want to rank their site. Here, you are the one who can help them to get their website ranked on Google. 

SEO specialist usually does a website audit, check site theme, keyword, structure and all other SEO related task.

How much SEO specialist make?

SEO Specialist make $3000 to $10,000 a month. You don’t need to work on-site. It’s a work from home job opportunity. 

How to Become an SEO Specialist?

You need the right platform to learn SEO and its techniques and need to understand how it works. You can join classes or take online courses to learn SEO.

26. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a strategy that generates extra sales. Having an email list will make you reach people’s inbox and advertise your product/services.

Affiliate marketer makes most from email marketing by selling things over an email. You just need to write a few words(use advertising techniques) and mention the affiliate link for them to join. 

As soon as they click on the link or join, you will earn a commission. 

You can also promote your own product/service. 

How Much does an Email Marketer Make?

An email marketer makes from $100 to $100,000 or even more. You can make huge sale if you have big email list.

If you send the email to the person and that person knows you and also have a trust, then there is a higher chance of making a sale. 

The best way to make people know you is by using a blogging platform. If you want to collect email in big number, then create a blog and start writing content. Set a popup notification to collect email.

How to become an email marketer?

There are various platform where you can learn email marketing and it’s techniques to generate email list and how to make maximum money by applying advance marketing strategies.

27. Forex Trader

Are you interested in making money through currency trading? Forex trading is all about buying and selling currency and make a profit. 

Currency rates changes every day and these changes make traders to generate profits.

Forex trading can be done from home using a smartphone.

How to become an expert Forex Trader?

To make money online from forex trading, you need to learn how forex trading works and what are the strategies you can use to make you earn money.

Mastering the Forex trading is easy if you learn from the experts. 

28. Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital marketing has become a billion-dollar business and it’s keep growing rapidly due to internet awareness. 

Digital marketers basically the promotion of products/services or brands online through different online platforms such as social networking sites, search engines, for example, Google/Bing, Email marketing, Forums, Blogs, and many other platforms. 

You can learn Digital Marketing and work from home as a freelancer. Many companies search for Digital marketers who can handle their online marketing tasks

How much a digital marketer make?

A digital marketer makes between $3000-$9000 a Month. If you set up your own business then the earning money could be in six-figures.

How to Become a Digital Marketer?

Becoming a digital marketer is not a tough task. You need to learn from reliable sources. It’s advisable to do some research on the internet and learn digital marketing from the right sources.

29. Professional Accountant Job

An accountant makes money on each client for managing their financial data. If you already know the accounting, then you should take this work at home joband start earning money.

Find clients to get work and maintain the quality, complete the accounting work before deadline. 

This will lead to more work on your desk. And more money too. 

Being in the accounting field, I have seen many accountants who work from home in accounting.

Even many college students do this as a part-time for earning money and pay their university fees. 

How much does Accountant make?

Accountant charge up to $60 per hour. You can make good money as an accountant. 

If you are thinking for a full time accounting work at home job, then I would advise you to learn the accounting first. 

How To Becoming an Accountant?

There are many ways where you can become a professional accountant. You can join the accounting course that runs for a few months. 

Or else you can learn accounts from various accounting books. 

30. Sell Pictures Online

This for the one who loves taking great pictures. Having a good idea of taking an eye catchy pictures can help you earn money from home. 

This is one of the famous work from home job for creative people. Photographer usually make money while traveling.

It’s fun to travel places takes pictures and make money fast. People are doing it and making money like crazy.

How Much a Photographer make?

There is no fixed amount. You will be earning money on the basis of each photo you sell. Each photo could give you between $5 and $20. 

How to sell Picture online?

You can join ShutterStock and sell your pictures online. You can sell the pictures and make extra money or earn on each download. 

When you join ShutterStock, you will find many options to sell pictures. It’s completely user-friendly. It’s a great platform for photographers. 

31. Resume Writing Work From Home

A resume writing service is something that is trending especially for the work from home jobs audiences.

People want to get hired and for this, they need an impressive resume. We all want a resume that creates an impression on the interviewers’ mind. 

An impressive resume increases the chance of getting selected for a job. A resume writer helps people who want to create a first impression.

Resume writers basically do some edits on resume structure, font, profile, aim, and objectives section.

How much does a resume writer earn?

A resume writer earns up to $25 per resume. I haven’t seen much competition in this field, hence it’s a choice for anyone who wants to get in to resume writing work.

How to learn resume writing?

Resume writing is a skill that comes from learning. You can learn resume writing and start your own work from home job in a few days. 

There are some short courses available online that created by a resume specialist. They share their unique ideas and tips to make you successful in this field.

How to get Resume writing work?

We need to think about the platform which we can use to reach as many people as we can.

Here are some of the ideas to reach people and get work.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Start a resume writing blog.
  • Use your networks
  • Fiverr – Choose become a seller
  • Indeed.

32. Web Design

Anyone who starts a new business, they always requires a web designer to launch a website for their business. 

Having a basic knowledge of web designing can make you eligible to run your own business. A web designer mostly work from home for their client. You can even help people on editing the website design, layout, font, navigation, email setup, Menu placement and many more. 

How much a web designer make?

A web designer charge per website. They usually charge up to $100 per website. A web designer also charges on a per hour basis like $30-$40 per hour.

How to become a web designer?

You need knowledge and skill to become a web designer. You can join classrooms if you have time, if not, then you can learn web designing online

Make sure that you learn: How to design a website, page development, web writing, editing, some programming & languages.

How to get web design work from home job?

  • Apply free service method: I will teach you the exact method to bring client daily. Here is the trick, offer a free service and then sell your actual service that brings money.

You might think why should I offer a free service. But, you don’t know many businesses have applied this method and turned their business into a million-dollar business.

The whole idea is, offer free stuff like free website auditing, free web layout advice, etc. Once you see the client reach you, give what you promised for. This is how you will build trust in them. 

  • Referral: You can also run a referral scheme where are can promise to give a free service if someone brings the client to you.
  • Bonsai: Bonsai is a great platform for Legitimate work from home jobs.

33. T-shirt Design

If you are a creative designer, then t-shirt designing can open a big income opportunity for you. People really like designed t-shirt especially a design on the front side.

Designed t-shirts have a very high demand as people love to be looked fashionable and little unique.

This industry has a very huge scope, especially for talented designers. billions of t-shirts have been sold all over the world as people prefer wearing a t-shirt more than shirts.

Your own design can get viral in the t-shirt industry and this will help you to mark your name in top t-shirt designers.

How much a T-shirt designer make?

There are two ways to make money from t-shirt designing work. Either you charge $35 per hour or you sell your own designed t-shirt online

If you have an investment, then selling your own designed t-shirt would give you more income. 

How to become a t-shirt designer?

You can find many online designing courses where you can learn as per your own convenient time. 

In the course, you will learn what design is trending and what not. How to create an eye catchy t-shirt design that could go viral and many more.

How to sell a t-shirt design?

Zazzle is an online platform for designers. You can create your own design and sell it online. Zazzle also allows creating a design for other products like greeting cards, art wall, coffee/mug design. 

If you are a designer, then you will definitely be going to like it.

34. Animation Work from home

If you are an animator and know how to create a 2D or 3D animation, then you can work from home as an animator. 

There are many other online jobs from home where you can perform as an animator like the animation for websites, gaming, movies, television, and mobile. 

Animator mostly performs work at home job and make money online. You can be hired full-time or on a project basis. 

How much an Animator make hourly?

An Animator makes between $22 to $40 per hour as a part-time job, depend upon how much experience you have. Your past project also adds value and that will help you to earn extra money.

Try to gain as much experience you can to make more money. 

How to become an Animator?

You can see youtube videos or if you want to become a professional Animator, then I would advise you to join classes or take the online course.

Join classes could be the better option, but if you do not have time, then you could go for the online animation training. 

How to get Animation work from home?

You can write an email to animation companies. Also, it’s advisable to join freelancing platform to get the client right away. 

Having your own blog on freelancing could add more value to your home job. On your blog, you can easily explain what service you provide and its prices.

35. Baking Business

If you know how to bake a cake, then you can start a cake baking business from home. Cake business is trending due to people prefer buying cake on a special occasion like a birthday party, anniversary and other occasions.

How much a cake baker Make?

It’s all about how much cake you sell. You can sell a 1 kg cake for $25 or more. Depend upon the quality of cream, taste, and softness. 

How to learn cake baking?

You can start watching youtube videos to learn how to bake a cake. There are some professionals who teach people on how to bake a perfect cake. You can join their course, learn cake baking and start your own business.

How to start a cake baking business?

Once you learn to make cakes, then you can start promoting your business on the internet. Use all the social networking sites especially Instagram. 

Once you start earning money, then you can run paid ads targeting your location. 

36. Video Editing Work

Video editing work from home job is like fun especially when you are creative enough to design a video.

A video editor does video clips arrangements, sound mixing, color correction, proper placement of the best shot, graphics and much more. 

It’s really an exciting home job work that pays well and more if you are very creative in video editing.

How much a video editor make?

On average, a video editor makes $28 per hour. If you are an experienced video editor, then you could make $45 per hour.

How to become a video editor?

Before becoming a video editor, I would advise you to see some high-quality youtube videos and watch movies. Analyze how they cut one scene and start the other scene. 

How they make people attached to the video. 

You can learn video editing online and start your own work from home under complete guidance.

How to get video editing job online?

You will find many high subscribed YouTubers who need assistance from video editors. You can contact them through email and get work.

The other way is to register with freelancing sites. People will contact you and pay you as per the agreed amount you set for the service. 

Flexjobs, Fiverr, Upwork are also a good platforms for the one who wants to work part-time from home and make money fast.

37. Sell Websites

Many people create a website and sell it for more than a 1000 dollars. This is one of the best work from home job for website makers.

If you are good at creating a website and optimization with quality contents, then that website can become an asset for you. 

A popular website or a blog can make you a millionaire. This can be possible when you create a superb website/blog.

How to start a website/blog?

Now, it’s easy to start a blog or a website in a few minutes by using WordPress. It’s fully automated. 

I have created a guide on how to create a blog. Creating a blog and website both are the same thing. Just get an idea on how to start a successful blog and what plugins you should use to make your blog fully automated.

Where to sell websites?

You can sell your websites on various online buying/selling sites. I will get you to popular sites where you can sell your site and start earning money.

  • Flippa
  • Facemash
  • Wesellyoursite
  • DigitalPoint

These are the highly known sites that deals with buy/sell websites. List your websites on their platform and have regular work from home. 

38. Work From Home Jobs For Stylist

Being a stylist, you can work from home and make money for living and your lifestyle. If you really like styling work, then you can work online and sell your design. 

You can design whatever you like, but make sure it has a demand in the industry. I have done some research and found that jewelry and fashion have more demand in the market.

Though, there are many fields that are performing well. 

How much a stylist make?

A stylist make up to $35 per hour. If you are a fresher, then you may start with $16 per hour. The more experience you will get, the more you will earn. 

Believe me, the art industry has huge money. 

How to Become a Stylist?

If you are passionate about styling then, I would advise you to go and get a degree in styling. Orelse, you could go for online training and start your career or a side job from home. 

How to start working as a Stylist?

Styling industry is little competitive but it has good money. To get a stylist job, you can search the best stylist in your field near your area or you could join the online freelancing platform and start working online from home.

39. Repairing Job

If you know anything you can repair, why not to take advantage of it and start repairing job from home. 

You can repair Car, bicycle, computers, washing machine, bike, and many things. Think of what you can repair and start your own business. 

How to start a repairing business?

It’s better if you buy a banner and advertise your repairing business. You should make use of your connections and send them a message that you are starting a business.

Offer them a cheap price than others. This works a lot.

If you are doing a job, then it’s a good opportunity for you to make your colleagues aware that you have started a business and ask them to spread the message and recommend you for a favor. You can give them a discount in return.

Is there any investment to start a repairing work?

Repairing business doesn’t cost you a lot. The initial investment could be $100 for buying tools.

If you are repairing things from home then great or else, you would be required to buy space on rent.

40. Review a Product Online

There are many platforms where you can use to review a product and make money from home. Working part-time from home as a reviewer could give you good money every week and this will also help you support your expenses.

How much a product reviewer make?

A product reviewer makes between $14 and $20 per hour. sometimes it also depends upon the platform you are working with and the type of product you are reviewing.

How to review a product?

You can use multiple platform to review a product or services like mobile phones, electronic items, movies, clothes, shoes and many more.

See the below list

  • Amazon product review.
  • Review a product on YouTube.
  • Review a product on blog.
  • Shopify Product review.
  • Review a product on Instagram.

41. Podcast

The podcast is gaining a huge popularity in almost all the industry. Many influencers are making proper use of podcast and making millions. 

Huge number of audience spend time in listening rather than reading, although reading still leading the content game. 

If you love to speak and provide value content, then you can make most in quick time. 

How much I can make doing Podcasting?

There is no defined earning because some people are making over $40,000 per podcast episode or some make $100 per podcast. 

Earning also depend on how many people will download your podcast. On average, podcaster make $20 per 1,000 download.

You can make money fast from podcasting using different income strategies like sponsorship, selling your own product/services, books, affiliate marketing and training/coaching.

How do I start Podcasting?

You need to have some tools to record your podcast audio. See the list below:

  • Microphone(should be clear)
  • Headphone
  • Audio editing software
  • computer

You won’t see much cost to start your own podcast. Make sure that you provide valuable information and don’t make them feel bored.

42. Make Extra Money by Renting a Car

Do you have a car but you don’t it often? It’s time to rent a car and make money from home. Your life is busy but you still want to earn extra money. Here, your car will help you to earn more as a part-time income. 

How much my Car can make money for me?

If you rent your car for a day, then you could make up to 80 dollars a day. Expensive cars make more money.

Where to rent a Car?

You can register with Turo for free and list your car for rent. Mention your car model and other details.

43. Tax Assistant Home Jobs

If you love accounting job, then having good knowledge in Taxation could make your life smooth and get you financial freedom. 

Learning taxation can settle your life and give you the opportunities of earning money daily/weekly.

How much a Tax Assistant make?

If you have an experience of handling tax-related work then, you could make between $20 and $45 per hour. 

Mostly you will get a fixed amount per company. It also based on the number of transactions the company has.

How to become a Tax Assistant?

This is something skill related. To become a professional tax assistant, you may need to complete the taxation course. 

You can join IRS (Taxation) or do U.S Federal taxation specialization. They both provide teaching on tax. 

Where do I get a Tax Assistant Job?

Registering yourself in work at home jobs sites like indeed and flexjobs will help you to get Tax assistant work from home jobs. 

44. Beauty Shop

Doing a beauty shop work from home is absolutely a worth job especially when you are a woman and you know the beauty tips including hair styling and other beauty work.

If you are good at styling, then this is for you. You will definitely be going to enjoy working as a beautician.

How much a beautician make?

A beautician makes based on the number of customers you are getting for your home business. But approximately you can make around $80 to $200 a day. 

How to become a beautician?

You can visit beauty parlor and learn from them or you can do an online course. It takes around 4-5 months to become a beautician. 

45. Sewing Work From Home Job

If you know sewing work and have a good experience in it, then you can start your own business. 

You can design other’s clothes and do tailoring work to make them look fashionable. Normal cloth sewing work will also make you earn money.

How much you can make by sewing clothes?

You can make between $20 and $40. If you enter into fashion industry then earning could be more. 

How to learn sewing?

Learning sewing is easy. Just buy a sewing machine and learn sewing by watch youtube videos. 

How to get a sewing job at home?

Advertise your work from home job on the banner outside your house. The people who pass by from your house will notice and remember your business. 

There are tailers who may give you a sewing work and pay you as per piece. 

46. Transcribe

It’s a kind of work where you will be listening to audio and type what you hear. This is for the one who wants to work as a part-time. 

If you have time after your job or school, then you go ahead and start making money as a transcriptionist.

How much does transcriptionists make?

They make up to $25 per hour. But on average, people make around $14 per hour. Increasing the typing speed can increase your income.

How to start work from home jobs as a transcriptionist?

There are online writing platforms where you can get not only a transcriptionist work but also the writing-related task.

Platforms: Indeed, Flexjobs, Upwork and Fiverr.

47. Online Influencer

If you can influence people to achieve what they want through examples or by your own journey, then you can make a lot of money. 

If you are a good speaker but don’t know how to influence people, then you can read famous books and get ideas from it. 

How much online influencers make?

Social influencer make money in millions every month. 

How to become an online influencer?

Platforms where people mainly spend their time is Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other social media sites/app. 

Being an influencer, you can make money online by sponsorship, Google AdSense, self product/services, affiliate, and many other ways. 

48. Interior Design

Everybody want their house or office to have a unique interior that gives a good feeling. 

Wherever there is a construction, there is interior work happen. Interior designer designs the house/office with the combination of colors and design on the wall, window, washroom, ceiling, artwork, chairs, paintings and many more. 

How much an Interior Designer make?

If you are making design from home, then you can make up to $25 per hour. The average earning is $19 per hour. 

How to become an Interior Designer?

Working with interior decorator as a part-time can give you a real experience. Or else, you can learn by watching videos or taking online courses

How to get Interior Design work at home job?

You can directly contact interior design business nearby your area and let them know that you know interior designing. 

There are some online platforms where you can get Interior designing home job such as Career builders, Flexjobs, Bonsai(Freelancing), etc.

49. Email/Chat Support Job

I have seen many companies outsource their work to others. This is because they want to focus on growth and development. 

Customer support is one of them. You can support other companies on their task like emailing and chatting with the customers. 

Your task will be helping customer for their queries or solve the issues. It’s easy work from home jobs and can be handled very smoothly.

How much I can make from Email/Chat support job?

You can make up to $25 per hour by working from home. You can also take work from multiple companies and set up a team to handle the work. 

How to get Email/Chat support work?

There are many companies who provide chat/email support job directly or else you can register with below platforms to find work.

  • FlexJobs
  • Fiverr
  • Indeed

50. Journalist Work From Home Job

If you are good at writing and knows the rules of Journalism, then what are you waiting for. Do you know you can work as a freelance journalist? This is how many writers work from home and make extra money fast.

Make use of your computer and start writing content for other business. 

Being a journalist, you need to be very specific on facts that you will provide. The good idea is to get the reference from authentic and well-known sources where everyone has a trust. 

How much I can make money as a Journalist?

Being a journalist, you can make between $14 to $35 per hour. You may also be paid per words or article. 

How to Become a Journalist?

You can do a short course online or take classes. Reading books on journalism will help you a lot. 

Read as much article as you can and analyze how other writers are writing. Understand the style and trend of writing article in the field you are interested in. 

How to get Journalist job opportunity?

A soon as you complete your journalism courses, you can upload your resume on job portals or freelancing sites like journalismjobs, Upwork, Indeed, and Bonsai. 

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